Tincture Infusion (10ml) - from R380


Full extract cannabis oil infused with coconut as a carrier. Available in 10ml mild (1250mg) or 10ml strong (2500mg). Max daily dosage 8 drops. Perfect for allergies, immune support, general maladies and many chronic conditions. 

Cannicaps (30) - From R380


Full extract cannabis oil capsules infused with Turmeric as a carrier. Available in 30 capsules mild (500mg) or strong (1000mg). Used for chronic and life-threatening conditions. If the consumer is already taking blood thinners, the tincture infusion should taken as an alternative.

Arthritis & Injury Cream (50ml) - R170


A topical cannabis cream application for arthritic, muscular and back / spine / hip complications, inflammation and general body pain or injuries.

To be used as and when required. Available in 50ml tubs.

CanniPet (30) Dog Pellets - R180


Cannabis infused dog pellets for pain and both mild and chronic or life-threatening conditions including epilepsy, cancer and arthritis. Great for anxiety, separation anxiety and behavioural conditioning. Depending on the condition being treated, and the size of the dog; a half a pellet up to 2 pellets may be administered per day. 

FECO Oil (1ml) - From R120


Contains both CBD and THC, and is made by extracting terpenes from carefully selected strains of cannabis plants for maximum medicinal value. Choose from decarboxylated, non-decarboxylated or coconut infused. For microdosing in cases of severe, chronic or life-threatening illness such as cancers.

Chocolate Brownies (80mg) -R30


Home-baked chocolate brownies infused with a Pineapple Express strain of cannabis plant. Exceptional for managing insomnia, anxiety and alcohol intake; and is a great alternative to smoking cannabis.

Chronical Skin Cream (50ml) - R200


An infused skin cream use to treat cut's burns, scrapes, acne, psoriasis, blemishes, dry skin and skin cancers. Available in 50ml tubs. To be used as and when required, especially after the affected areas have been exposed to water.

Educational Seminars & Consultations


Feel free to contact us for no-obligation one-to-one consultation on which products are best suited to your needs. 

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Mary Jane Lollipops (50mg) - R50


Perfect for managing consistant pain & discomfort, sleeplessness, anxiety and much more. Made with our full extract oil base, and available in an assortment of flavors.